The attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing excellent support and service to our clients.    Our team approach to servicing your legal needs ensures that we are drawing on the over 100 years of combined service experience that our staff brings to the various areas of the practice.

One thing we are known for is the breadth of legal services in which we have experience including, but not limited to, the following  areas

*  Corporate Law  * Family & Matrimonial Law *  

* Bankruptcy  *  Civil Litigation  *  Collections  *

*  Landlord, Tenant  * Municipal Law  *  Land Use Zoning  *   

 *  Personal Injury, Wrongful Death  *  Real Estate Law  *

 *  Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning  *

Contact the DiMatteo & Roach law firm today to schedule a meeting to discuss your legal needs with one of our attorneys. 

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